Belgium-based online food delivery management company Deliverect raised over $150M (€132.6M) in a Series D round of funding. Deliverect has now raised a total of $240M to date and reached a valuation of $1.4 billion.
The round was led by Coatue Management LLC and Alkeon Capital Management. Existing investors Newion, OMERS Ventures, DST Global, Redpoint Ventures, and Smartfin also participated.
Deliverect provides a SaaS platform that integrates online orders from food delivery channels allowing restaurants to improve operational service and improve customer satisfaction.

Deliverect company fashion

Preserve corporate culture and values in the face of rapid growth

One of the internal challenges that companies face when growing fast is maintaining their organizational culture and values. As companies grow, they often need to hire more employees and expand their operations, which can lead to a dilution of their original culture and values. Another challenge when growing fast is managing talent effectively. As a company grows, it needs to identify and develop its top performers, and ensure that it has the right talent in place to meet its evolving needs.

Team expansion

Because mutual respect is one of Deliverect's pillars, they wanted to celebrate their achievements with the whole team and thank them for their efforts resulting in a big success. For their first milestone and as a thank you for their employee's hard work the company called upon Sunday to create some cool branded merchandise. Their first fashion collection had to be simple, with a classic design. We created a full coloured box filled with a branded hoodie, socks and a dopper bottle.

In addition, the company was growing so fast that in addition to raising funding, they had to expand their team very quickly. This meant massive hiring on short notice. Of course, this also creates challenges.

Deliverect holds their values dear and wants to pass them on to everyone who starts within the company. As they want to create an authentic company culture, the first thing on their list was managing their employee onboarding kits.

Jan Hollez

"No one is a number here. Everyone's opinion counts, and things like team spirit and collaboration will always be high on our list of priorities."

Jan Hollez, co-founder and CTO

And to make an onboarding process successful, it has to be uniform for everyone in the company. That's why we created personalized boxes, focussing on their onboarding process for their 11 different offices. The box was filled with a hoodie, a T-shirt, socks and a thermos flask. Resulting in increased employee loyalty and ambassadorship by making that first day an awesome experience.

Because of their offices in Ghent, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Edinburgh, Amersfoort, Sydney and recently an expansion with offices in Mexico, Uruguay and Kyrgyzstan they were in need of an international solution. All boxes got easily put together and shipped globally through the Sunday Wardrobe™.

Deliverect company fashion

Next steps with the funding

The company claims it will use the funds to expand its portfolio, invest in engineering and technology advancements, and scale to serve more establishments, including convenience and grocery stores in addition to restaurants.
The company also announced plans to launch a dedicated App Store to improve customer support and experience.

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