Your favorite dash of paint

Your favorite dash of paint The Design Brief Trimetal is one of the leading Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings Brands in Europe. Inspired by their activities, we worked with a playful reference in the design: on the chest, a red paint stripe was created in their specific red. Style Streetwear Product Sweaters T-Shirts Caps Solution Dealer… Continue reading Your favorite dash of paint

John&Jane, Bold Never Regular

John&Jane, Bold Never Regular The Design Brief Drum roll because these clothes really deserve a spotlight, especially because of the people wearing them! The audiovisual company John and Jane their employees got voted as the favorite audiovisual team by the event industry. That’s why they wanted to put their employees in the spotlight. ​​Using their… Continue reading John&Jane, Bold Never Regular

Local Heroes of Brooklyn

Local Heroes of Brooklyn The Design Brief With the ‘Local Heroes’ collection, Brooklyn wanted to express their love for the 7 cities in which they have a store, with a touch of humor, and emphasize the importance of ‘shopping local’! Sunday designed a collection of 100% sustainable T-shirts that refer to well-known attractions and symbols… Continue reading Local Heroes of Brooklyn

Eye-catching influencers for Ablo

Eye-catching influencers for Ablo The Design Brief Ablo is all about connecting people for the first time. The app initiates first conversations between people from all around the world and helps them to connect with each other. The cheerful colors typical of the company were translated into a colorful collection that completely matches their DNA:… Continue reading Eye-catching influencers for Ablo

Sunday Collection

Sunday Collection The Design Brief Our first collection in the new Sunday branding had to be an extend of our brand: the corporate identity colors had to be instantly recognisable and the logo and company name also had to play a clear role. Because the garments are used for different purposes, we wanted a complete… Continue reading Sunday Collection

Showpadders kicking ass at its brightest

Showpadders kicking ass at its brightest The Design Brief How do you motivate your employees to be healthy and sporty? Start with providing them fashionable, quality sportswear! For Showpad we created a sports collection in the highest quality, using their corporate branding colors. Style Streetwear Product T-Shirts Sport Leggings Cycling Jerseys Solution Healthy Employees Brand… Continue reading Showpadders kicking ass at its brightest

Value Collection 21 by Uberall

Value Collection 21 by Uberall The Design Brief Uberall is a new platform for an even better hybrid customer experience. To have the company’s values conveyed in an original way, they chose to display the values on company fashion. The clothing is then distributed to new employees in an onboarding package. A special neck label… Continue reading Value Collection 21 by Uberall

Oaky, Vivid in Violet

Oaky, Vivid in Violet The Design Brief You can’t miss this collection with its vibrant purple color. For the design we used Oaky’s corporate colors: a combination of purple, white and orange. A subtle pattern breaks the purple base and is finished off with orange strings. The collection is used for brand awareness, onboarding and… Continue reading Oaky, Vivid in Violet

The collection of Celebration

The collection of Celebration The Design Brief The iconic brand of Scotch whisky was looking for a partner to help them develop and produce a unique collection for their brand’s 200th birthday. The design was inspired by the special edition Johnnie Walker bottle the brand created for the festivities. Style Streetwear Product T-Shirts Socks Tote… Continue reading The collection of Celebration