Merchandise Essentials is now Sunday

Changing how Uberall connects with new hires through Company Fashion

Sunday helped Uberall gain more control over the first impressions new hires get by creating branded fashion as part of their onboarding strategy.

The War For Zalent

Zalando transformed their interns into real ambassadors while boosting their recruiting process.

Summer or Winter, discover Laika’s way to increase their brand awareness

Laika Communications invested in high-quality, sustainable items produced by Sunday so their people will keep wearing their brand for years, with no extra cost.

Facilitating the future of Nuri by implementing company fashion

As a pioneer, Nuri needs to evolve constantly. By optimizing their onboarding process they can easily attract brand new talent.

BeQuiet’s company fashion collection as a natural evolution

How company fashion become the glue of the BeQuiet! culture.