The Stages Of The Sunday Process

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When we go out for a first date, we know how important it is to get off on the right foot: a date that doesn’t start well, never ends well.

Company fashion blows a new wind through the different brands of Signpost

Discover Signpost’s mission to build strong employer branding, using company fashion since branded goodies are a powerful way to align a team.

Rituals rewarding their loyal brand ambassadors

Discover how we helped Rituals build a community around their brand.

Distrilog’s three-part plan to implement company fashion as an HR-tool

Discover Distrilog’s three-part plan, on how to implement branded sports socks that they won from our workplace health campaign.

Summery wearables to motivate and engage the vind! Team

Here is a closer look at the role corporate gift-giving plays in company culture.

Tredion showing appreciation through Corporate Gifting

Here is a closer look at the role corporate gift-giving plays in company culture.

High performance sportswear for delaware

delaware, one of the largest providers of digital services and consultancy in Belgium, wanted to boost the feeling of team spirit by creating branded sportswear.

Return, reset, reboard with Engels

Boosting Engels’ employee experience when it comes to reboarding employees after the coronavirus pandemic through wearables.

Changing how Uberall connects with new hires through Company Fashion

Sunday helped Uberall gain more control over the first impressions new hires get by creating branded fashion as part of their onboarding strategy.

How iO engaged more than 1000 new employees

Sunday built a strategy for iO to ensure employees stay engaged and even thrive during this time by creating company fashion as part of their employer branding strategy.