Merchandise Essentials is now Sunday

How Deliverect skyrockets their company culture globally, using the Sunday Wardrobe™

Deliverect, the ‘Adyen of food delivery services’ grew 750% in the last year. A boost that also sent the number of employees skyrocketing.

What is employee onboarding?

our onboarding process is one of the most critical HR activities for the long term success and ongoing engagement of your employees.

How to do online onboarding?

After big tech companies like Facebook and Google spent billions on cool office spaces and perks designed to keep workers at the office, remote work was suddenly the norm because of the pandemic.

Why is the onboarding process important?

In human resources, onboarding is defined as the process of familiarizing a new employee with the company.

Facilitating the future of Nuri by implementing company fashion

As a pioneer, Nuri needs to evolve constantly. By optimizing their onboarding process they can easily attract brand new talent.

Biggest mistakes with onboarding employees

Making a great first impression matters. Yet many companies struggle to create a smooth onboarding process that converts happy hires into productive ambassadors.

A fit and flexible solution for Showpad

Showing off Showpad’s custom made solution to create workplace health by deploying branded sportswear.

The Adyen formula: Massive scale onboarding

Read how Adyen automated their welcome onboarding boxes to boost employee engagement.

Silverfin boosts employee health through sportsprograms

Learn how Silverfin increased performance and well being for their employees.

SumUp’s award winning future talent program

See how the unique clothing line boosts their future talent retention.