At Sunday, we're constantly excited to welcome new talent. So, what can you expect when you join our team?

Firstly, you'll become a valuable member of a fast growing, international company. Equally important, you'll be surrounded by an energetic team filled with ambition.

Don't hesitate to reach out, we can't wait to meet you!


Listen to the employees

"Thanks to my job I get to be creative, which makes the days at Sunday really exciting."

Elisa Vandendorpe

Why join Sunday

International company

Sunday has 5 offices in Europe and works with companies located in more than 45 different countries worldwide. The international aspect is certainly present in any job and any department at the company.

Flexible work

Start and end your workday between flexible hours. Working from home is possible 2 days a week. Feel free to choose what you feel comfortable with.


We work in a flat structure, which means that everyone's insight, idea and opinion count. We also encourage our team members to take ownership and throw thoughts into the group.

Open culture & environment

Our open culture allows everyone to be 100% themselves. Due to weekly 1 on 1's with your direct manager & HR, there is always room for a personal chat.

Ambitious team

We are a target-driven organization that offers their employees a challenge that is feasible. Colleagues like to motivate and help each other to achieve their goals. We are also called young wolves because of everyone's hunger for results.


We create a personal development path for each individual. According to everyone's abilities and talents, we look at what could be the best step for them within the company.

The Sunday vision

Our vision is that people will increasingly prefer to wear any brand they identify with.

It is our mission to be the global #1 reference in helping companies become a part of the wardrobe of their ambassadors.

What we look for


It's an effort of the whole team to achieve our common goal in the most effective and efficient way. We are always ready to help each other and share our insights.


You have to be able to handle the many changes that we are experiencing as a young and growing company. Of course this also makes the job very interesting and never boring.


We learn every day. From each other & from the best in the field.

Eager to win

At Sunday we are looking for people with a real winning mentality. Giving up is not in our dictionary.

Love for sustainable fashion

Fashion is what we do. Any interest in our products is therefore certainly necessary. This together with our sustainable vision.


Wear your Sunday swag with pride. We want to represent our company as one loyal team.

Listen to the employees

"What makes me go to work with a smile?"

Mazelli Detavernier

Core Values

What we do is about our customers

We make it our business to understand our customers and their business. Consequently, we deliver made-to measure solutions and services at an industry-leading level. We take pride in our work, but only after we have achieved the best results. Our ultimate goal is to consistently deliver the highest value for our customers.

Application process

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Step 4

Interview HR team

We received your resume and motivation letter: our international recruiter will set up a first meeting with you to get to know you better and talk about your future goals.

Apply today

Have a small chat with our HR manager & see if you could be our newest Sunday team member.


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