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Frequently asked questions

Are you sustainable?

We strive to be the best possible sustainable partner for businesses. Thus, we are committed to sustainable materials, - processes and - techniques so that we can continue to improve in these areas and grow as a sustainable player in an often polluting market.

How long are your order processes?

Since we focus on premium merchandise and high quality you have to take into account that your order will take a couple of weeks. It also depends on how many feedback rounds are necessary to get the perfect design. Production itself will take about 3-12 weeks depending on the product. Talk to our team to see the possibilities.

What is your minimum order quantity?

On our product pages you can see the MOQ for each product category.

How does your Sunday Wardrobe platform work?

The Sunday Wardrobe™ is a virtual closet for your branded merchandise. You get a real time stock overview for the products we warehouse for you and you can ship out merchandise boxes anywhere in the world in a couple of clicks.

Are there any vacancies?

We are always looking for talent! Get a glimpse of all job openings on our job page.