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Our custom designs are unique in the market: We always start from the customer's brand guidelines (logo, Pantone colors, brand vision, …). Then we help think about the objective of the clothing and who will wear it. That way, the design team can work out an appropriate custom design in a much more focused way. The team also constantly follows the latest fashion trends, which ensures that we can develop contemporary and modern concepts that will be worn with pride.

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John & Jane

Bold never regular

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Showpadders kicking ass at its brightest

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Johnnie Walker

The collection of Celebration

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Eye-catching influencers for Ablo

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With 10 new hires every week, they were in need of a proper onboarding.

Deliverect, the all-in-one solution for restaurants to grow their online presence, grew 750% in the last year.

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How Deliverect skyrockets their company culture globally, using the Sunday Wardrobe

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5 practical tips on How to put together the Best Swag Bag for your next event

A gift bag or box known as a "swag bag" is stuffed with branded and personalized items. Employee motivation, volunteer appreciation, customer delight, and brand or product exposure are all achieved with swag bags.

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Customer story

Solidarity, connectivity and a sense of community: this is what merch does for Techwolf

Using merchandise as a tool to boost team feeling can create a sense of unity and belonging among team members, fostering a shared identity and pride in being part of the group.

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Customize your branded totebags

This popular product is perfect for customisation and gaining brand awareness. Choose how your handles look, the quality of the cotton, the design, colors, … Make it an extension of your brand!

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