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Showpad: The platform for modern selling.

Showpad is the leading sales enablement platform for the modern seller. Founded in 2011, the company has headquarters in Ghent and Chicago with offices in London, Munich, San Francisco and Portland. By integrating industry leading training and coaching software with content solutions their platform empowers sales and marketing teams to engage buyers. Showpad serves more than 1200 customers across the globe, including Johnson & Johnson, BASF, GE Healthcare, Fujifilm, Bridgestone, Prudential and Merck.

As told above, Showpad competes with the largest companies worldwide. As well as their employees want to compete in sports challenges with teams worldwide. They even have a sports committee that organizes challenges and joins different sporting events.

There is a large demand in Showpad to activate the employees and compete in sports challenges between different teams across the world. But there's something missing. All the employees should show the Showpad colors while doing sports. All there was left to do was creating the sports collection in order to transform the Showpadders into true brand ambassadors.

Showpad company fashion

Triggering the inner Usain Bolt

Creating unique sports fashion for your workplace sports program is a critical strategy to encourage employees to participate. Showpad understood what needed to be done. Every employee that wanted to get sporty, joined the challenge and received some awesome sports socks. Which triggered a lot of hidden Usain Bolt's to exercise their lungs out. Reaching the targets meant winning even more personalized sportswear.

The best sport campaigns for workplace sports are the ones that perfectly match with your company on the one hand, and your employees on the other hand. Our sportswear is made from the highest quality polyester and matches the best industry standards. We created a full custom collection of sport leggings, sports jerseys and cycling jerseys in the brightest pink and purple colors. Because we're working with sublimation, we were able to use the exact pantone colors from the Showpad brandbook.

In addition, we took away the hassle of shipment for them. With Sunday wardrobe® we have built a solution that makes shipping items becomes as easy as sending an email. This way Showpad could send items anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

Global Sports Challenge Triumph

Showpad's challenge to improve the culture, health, energy and performance was a big triumph. Rewarding and motivating employees to start doing workplace sports by deploying branded sportswear is a solution that hits the bull's eye. Showpad was heavily impressed with the quality of the sports items. They generated positive brand awareness outside in running competitions, the gym and other sports clubs.

As many people were praising the initiative, the Showpadders that didn't join the challenge were feeling a lot of FOMO. Their employees bonded over doing sports together in their matching outfits, creating a better team atmosphere. Their LinkedIn post created even more buzz, as even Showpad's clients were hyped to claim one of the items of the sportswear collection. Challenge succeeded!

Showpad company fashion

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