Sunday is a team of textile experts. We focus on wearables and accessories, starting from scratch. Because of our full custom offering and expertise, we go all the way in accomplishing high quality products to make your project a huge success. We'll guide you from end to start and communicate transparently during the proces.

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Translate your brand vision in wearable clothing

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You want to do an awesome textile project but...


You don't have a trustworthy expert partner

Doubts about the quality of the products? Whether a design is technically possible? Whether it can be fully customised for the customer? At Sunday, we resolve expectations by offering physical samples, clear visuals, detailed technical files and videos of the product.


You are limited in creative possibilities

Colours that do not fully match the branding but come close, limitations in possibilities and positioning of the decorations? At Sunday, you can literally start from a white piece of paper. Going for that extravagant design or making details stand out. We operate as a fashion company would do.


The operational hassle is just too much

The follow-up and other operational efforts are too high? Well, let us take care of that. Our team will service your client with samples, size breaks, shipping and tracking. In short, all operational issues are managed by us. Just make sure you deliver us your most awesome designs, we'll do the rest.

No worries, we got you covered.

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